Celebrating Our 37th Year With $37 Bonus Nights!

Daytona Beach Shores

To celebrate our 37th year in business, Perennial Vacation Club is offering its members bonus nights at only $37 per night! This is a wonderful way to extend your vacation for a few extra days at a very low cost.

For 37 years, we’ve understood what our members want: flexible and affordable vacation options. We continue to get better with each passing year, and we love celebrating that achievement by thanking the people who helped us get there: our members. `

Just contact Reservations for more information! (This offer is for members only, but you can learn more about becoming a member here!)



Snow in Tahoe!

The Eagles’ Nest

Welcome to a winter wonderland! This winter, the snow in Tahoe is some of the best we’ve seen in years. Whether you love to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, sled or simply enjoy the beauty from the warmth of a cozy retreat, there couldn’t be a better time to visit these beautiful mountains.

For up-to-date weather news, visit weather.com. And for all the information you’ll need to hit the slopes, visit Heavenly, Sierra at Tahoe and Kirkwood.

Staying Fit on the Road

Daytona Beach Shores

You’re on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active! Wherever you are and whatever your interests, there are wonderful ways to make sure that you return from your travels feeling better than ever.

One option is to get out and explore! If you’re visiting the mountains, hit the slopes in winter or hike the forest trails in summer. At the beach? A walk at sunrise or sunset is a wonderful way to soak in the ocean’s beauty. Touring local museums, markets and other sights is also a great way to exercise both your body and mind.

If you’re looking for a way to really stay on top of your fitness goals (or if the weather isn’t cooperating), there are wonderful on-line programs and apps that help you to workout wherever you are. Some popular choices (many of which feature conveniently short workouts) are Barre3, Sworkit and Seven. Or dive into some relaxing yoga with Yoga Studio by Gaiam or Pocket Yoga.

What are you favorite ways to stay in shape while traveling?

4 Tips to Make Travel More Affordable

Lake Tahoe

One of the biggest impediments to travel can be the simple cost of it all. But travel doesn’t need to be overly expensive. With a little research and a few budget-savvy choices, that next trip can become more affordable than ever.

1. Cook your own meals.

It’s always fun to explore local cuisine, but an easy way to cut costs is to cook at least some of your meals yourself. Choose easy meals that you’re already familiar with (no need to add stress to your vacation!), or research local speciality shops and get into the spirit of your destination, perhaps by hosting your own Bar-B-Q in Texas or cooking locally sourced seafood in Florida. Call ahead if you’re wondering what kind of grilling or kitchen items are available (we keep many useful items on hand for our guests, which can be borrowed from the front desk).

2. Travel off-season. 

If possible, it’s always a great option to travel during less popular times of the year. For example, while summer and winter are extremely popular times to visit Tahoe (and come with long lines and higher prices…) the spring and fall are gorgeous, quieter and much more affordable. Depending on your favorite activities, you may find that travel during less busy times is much more relaxing as well as affordable. For Perennial Vacation Club members, travel to our home resorts during their off-seasons comes with 3 extra nights! (Check with the reservations department about what weeks apply.)

3. Do some research, and watch for deals.

Pre-planning your trip can often reveal many cost-saving options, whether it’s purchasing tickets to parks or shows in advance, or taking advantage of local happy hours. For Perennial Vacation Club members, we often have units available for rent at amazing bargains; right now, in celebration of our 37 years of operation, we’re offering our members rental nights at $37 a night! Contact Reservations to check availability.

4. If you haven’t already, become a member! 

Perennial Vacation Club is a wonderful option for many individuals and families looking to travel yearly at affordable prices. Whether you opt for one of the club’s signature resorts or use the exchange program to explore other destinations, membership is one of the best travel deals around.   Find more information and contact Patricia, our Director of Member Services, here.

Do you have suggestions for ways to cut vacation costs? Leave a comment below and share your wisdom! And don’t forget to sign-up for our monthly newsletter for more ideas for making your travel budget stretch further!