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Q: What if I can’t use my week in a given year?

A: You have several options. You may give your week to a guest, rent it or use the club’s "World Bank” program. Other ideas include donating it to a charitable organization or, if you are a business person with employees, you might use it as a company incentive.


Q: What is the club's "World Bank" program?

A: World Banking allows you to save your week and use it during the following calendar year period. A fee of $125.00 applies. World Banking your week must be completed by December 31st. Some restrictions may apply. Refer to the Reservation Guidelines for further information.


Q: Will the club sell my unit or rent it for me?

A: Although the club does not operate a resale or rental program, you may sell or rent your week yourself (or engage the services of a resale or rental broker). In the event you sell your membership, the club will prepare all the transfer documents for the transfer. The processing fee is currently $250.00.


Q: You said I may sell or rent my membership. May I leave it in my will to my heirs?

A: Absolutely.


Q: Do I have to pay an annual dues assessment?

A: Yes, dues assessments are invoiced at the beginning of the club’s fiscal year (October 1st). This invoice is for the next usage year beginning January 1st. Dues assessments are payable within 15 days of mailing the invoice. Although a late fee could be imposed after that time, the club has not found it necessary, and currently waits until January 1st before adding a late fee.


Q: Will my dues assessments ever increase?

A: In a word… probably. Over time the cost of everything increases. However, since the club is member-owned and managed, the dues assessments are always held to the minimum required to operate the club and maintain your vacation facilities. The Board of Directors (who are all members) establish the annual dues assessments. A vote of the membership is required if they exceed limits specified in the Club Bylaws.


Q: Is the interest on my purchaser contract, or real estate taxes, tax deductible?

A: Possibly, but check with your tax advisor.


Q: When will the exchange company send my resort directory?

A: You should expect to receive information from the exchange company within 60-90 days after receipt of your application. (We submit your application during the 2 week processing period.)


Q: My membership specifies an occupancy limit (i.e. 2, 4 or 6 persons). Do you count children in this limitation?

A: Yes. Due to fire regulations, Club Bylaws and sleeping configurations, the occupancy limit is the total of overnight occupancy. (Additional daytime visitors are permitted.)


Q: May I use additional weeks or days beyond my regular use week?

A: Yes, this is called member rental and special discounted rates apply. (Daily rates are also available.) However, so that we don't disappoint other members wishing to utilize their regular week, we have guidelines on how far in advance rentals can be made. During less popular travel periods earlier requests are accepted, sometimes up to 4 months in advance.


Q: What if I need to reserve a larger unit in a particular year?

A: This can be done. However, so as to not to disappoint members who own a larger size membership, there are guidelines on how far in advance this can be done. Currently, upgrade fees are $200 per bedroom, per week, plus room tax. During less popular travel periods, upgrades can be reserved further in advance. If your club does not own your size unit at a home resort location, you are automatically upgraded to the next size unit at no cost. (Please note: weeks you intend to exchange are not granted this upgrade exception.)


Q: Must I wait until January 1st to book a particular year’s week?

A: No, you may reserve your regular week up to one year in advance of your desired week.


Q: As a member, do I have access to all club resorts during any week?

A: Yes, with only one exception: Christmas and New Year’s weeks at Lake Tahoe are available, first, to Gold Memberships. This restriction does not apply to any of the other home resort locations. Gold Memberships are currently sold out. If Gold weeks at Lake Tahoe are not reserved twenty-one days prior to that week, they are made available to all members.


Q: How could my actions result in loss of my membership?

A: Only two ways: (1) non-payment of your purchase contract or (2) non-payment of your annual dues assessments.


Q: Is my membership deeded?

A: The club holds deeds to unencumbered fee title to all club units required to support all memberships sold. Your membership certificate is evidence of your ownership interest in all club units, as well as all other club assets.



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