Adventures in San Antonio

Our Bandera resort is a perfect place to escape for a relaxing getaway… but it’s also an easy drive to San Antonio! If you love the cowboy life, and want to cement your cowboy status, head on over to Paris Hatters. The name may sound haute couture, but this world famous business has been making custom cowboy hats since 1917.  It’s located right around the corner from the Alamo, and is the oldest business in the downtown area. The cash register is from the 1930s, and you’ll likely be met by the 3rd generation owners. As they like to say: “If it ain’t from Paris Hatters, you ain’t a real cowboy!”

Or perhaps you’d prefer a trip to the theater… San Antonio’s Majestic & Empire Theaters are located downtown and have a rich history. The Majestic was built in 1929 in a Spanish Mediterranean style. The Empire was built in 1913 in the style of a European plaza. Both venues feature Broadway shows, concerts, comedians and other live events.

And don’t forget, Tuesdays are a wonderful time for some budget-friendly San Antonio fun! You can find our previous post about it here.

What are your favorite things to do in San Antonio?