Announcing 2018 Stretch Weeks!

One of the best ways to use a Perennial Vacation Club membership is by traveling during Stretch Weeks. During these weeks, you can stretch your week 3 extra days, at no extra cost! Already thinking about your 2018 travels? These are the weeks to keep in mind:

Bandera Bonanza:  January 6 – March 3 (weeks 1-9)

Tahoe Spring Fling:  April 21 – May 12 (weeks 16-19)

Daytona Delight:  September 15 – October 6 (weeks 37-40)

*Stretch weeks are only offered to Perennial Vacation Club members. Interested in joining the fun? Find more information about the club here.

Photography Tips for a Family Vacation

One of the best ways to capture the memories you create on vacation is with photography. Here are a few ideas about how to easily record your trip:

Keep your camera nearby. This is easier and easier now that many of us have cameras build into our cell phones. As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. Be ready to capture the moments you won’t want to forget.

Capture the little moments. Small details, such as the wildflowers you noticed on the side of the road or a special cup of coffee may feel just as meaningful later as the tourist attractions.

Avoid deleting. Even a simple photo editor can work wonders, so don’t be too quick to judge your photos before seeing how they can be improved.

Let everyone take some pictures. This is a wonderful way to capture different perspectives, and to bring the whole family into the process.

Be sure to use your photographs later! Whether you print them out, share them via text or email or create a calendar, make sure your memories don’t sit forgotten on your phone or computer. If you’re a member of Perennial Vacation Club, we’d love for your to share your photographs with us our our website, or tag us on Instagram at @perennialvacationclub or #perennialvacationclub.

Do you have any tips for travel photography? Please share them!

New in Daytona: One Daytona & Fashion Outlets!

Daytona Beach Shores

Daytona is famous for its beaches, its racetrack, it seafood… and now it features shopping as well! Visit the Tanger Outlets for outdoor shopping, featuring such names as Nike, Michael Kors, Sunglass Hut and more!

Another brand-new edition to the area is One Daytona, which offers a luxury theater, shopping and dining. One notable attraction is the Bass Pro Shop, which contains a 12,000 gallon freshwater aquarium, as well as a 70,000 square foot outdoors-themed shopping location.

When you’ve had enough sea and sand for one day, check out these new attractions, and let us know what you think!


The Knitting Nest

If you’re visiting Tahoe and looking to stay warm, consider visiting The Knitting Nest, located at The Eagles’ Nest at the top of Kingsbury Grade. This beautiful boutique yarn shop offers a curated selection of bags, art, jewelry and soaps (many by local Tahoe artists) as well as yarn and other knitting supplies. Explore the selection and then relax by the fire… what better way could there be to warm up on a cold day?

For shop hours and other information, visit The Knitting Nest’s website here.