Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime

Here at Perennial Vacation Club, our mission is to help our members create memories that will last a lifetime. We start with beautiful home resorts in Lake Tahoe, Bandera and Daytona Beach Shores, as well as exchanges to destinations around the world. From there, our friendly staff will help you make the most of each location. Looking for other ways to make your next trip more meaningful for everyone involved? Here are a few ideas:

Plan special activities. Part of the fun is planning what you’ll do and where you’ll go, and this is exciting for everyone. Take some time to research what’s going on while you’ll be visiting your travel destination, and think about what places or events would be the most meaningful for your group. The search function on our Perennial Traveler Blog can help you do this (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the search bar).

Read a book together. Before the trip begins, choose a book that relates to your destination, or that you think everyone will enjoy, and plan to complete it by the end of the trip. This could be fiction, non-fiction or anything at all! Traveling alone? Consider what books on your to-read list you’d enjoy diving into during your travels. Local history or fiction that takes place on location is always a good choice.

Be open. Some of the best travel moments occur when you take an unexpected path. This could happen suddenly, when something comes along that looks promising, or you could plan in advance to try something a bit outside of your normal activities.

Discuss! Take the time to think (and talk) about your adventures. What was everyone’s favorite place, restaurant or memory? What would they want to include (or not) on the next trip? Thinking about what was truly special helps create memories that last.

What are your favorite way to make travel more meaningful?

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