Travel Tips

Seasoned travelers are generally full of advice about how to make a trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Here are a few of our favorite tips:

  • Make a list. Whether it’s things you need to pack or places you’d like to visit, lists help ensure that nothing will be forgotten (and provide peace of mind, too). It’s also a fun way to start planning your next adventure.
  • Carry chargers with you. Especially if you’re flying to your destination, there’s nothing worse than worrying about a depleted battery mid-trip. Throw that charger in your carry-on and relax!
  • Stay hydrated. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, visiting a warm climate or engaged in outdoor activities, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Dehydration can really throw off a vacation, so remember to drink up!
  • Be flexible. Life doesn’t always go as planned, so use your vacation as a time to make the most of whatever is happening around you. The unexpected may lead to a new favorite memory.
  • Take pictures!¬†Get comfortable with your favorite camera (which may be your phone), so that when the perfect moment arrives, you’re ready to capture it.

Have some advice you’d like to share? Please do!

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