A Staycation… in a New City

Deer enjoying a staycation at our Bandera resort

Vacations are a wonderful time to explore new destinations, but it’s also important to take the time to rest and recharge. For some people, that means planning a “staycation,” a vacation in your own home. This gives you the time you need to rest but, of course, doesn’t offer a true getaway.

Why not choose the best of both worlds? Resorts that offer kitchens, living rooms and plenty of room for everyone allow you to create a home away from home, while still allowing you to visit a new (and beautiful) part of the world. A few home-cooked meals and some time spent lounging in your resort may be just what you need to get the rest and downtime you need, while still giving you the opportunity to get out and explore as much as you like!

Bring that book you’ve been meaning to read, perhaps a few simple recipes, your comfiest clothing and some tea or other relaxing drinks… along with your walking shoes, maps and camera, and create your own perfect balance between a vacation and staycation.

What are you favorite ways to create a home away from home?

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